5 meditations to soothe the unemployed

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  1. Edit Szanto says:

    Although this post is over two years old, today I found it soothing. Unemployment is perhaps hardest when it happens suddenly, not by choice, and it happens to workaholics whose identity was intertwined with their work. Work gone, social network gone…Can be quite devastating…

  2. Cindy Gardel says:

    Thank you for this fantastic article. One of the biggest issues being unemployed, is that you feel so alone.

    This article put things in perspective. There is safety in numbers and it helps a great deal to know that what we are not alone.

  3. Liza Long says:

    Hot yoga. Every day. For 90 minutes. I realized that my identity was completely wrapped up in my job–and that in reality, I am so much more than my work. The grief was real and palpable, and I am glad I allowed myself the space to grieve. Now, on to the next exciting adventure!

  4. Nancy Sharpe says:

    Thanks for this great, uplifting post. I know people who have lost their jobs and they could use a bit of encouragement like this!

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