The meaning of success

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4 Responses

  1. Beautiful post! It’s too funny, because sometimes I bemoan the fact that I spent thousands earning an advanced degree in Slavic Linguistics, but then I remember that if I hadn’t done that, I may never have become a freelance writer. All the steps I took, even if they seemed to wander off the path, led me to this career I enjoy.

  2. Patti Murphy says:

    Mom, thank you! As Ron said, such a lovely message. I’m very blessed to have such a great family.

  3. Ron Gardner says:

    Nicely done Patti and such a lovely message from your Mother must be a wonderful reward. My Mom passed away when I was a young boy and I often wonder what she would’ve said to me at various points in my life. 🙂

  4. Betty Murphy says:

    To my daughter Patti. It has been and interesting and inspiring journey to share with you your travels to success. You have always been very much loved. Your trek through school, climbing the career ladder and your romances have allowed us, your parents to add admiration to our love for you. We enjoyed the trip. Loved this piece. Mom

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