Category: Writing Tips

Whether you write for your own enjoyment or to make a living, here are some tips for making your writing life more productive and enjoyable.


5 things that can help keep writers on track

Being a writer can be exhilarating one moment — for example, when you’re winning awards or you have editors contact you personally to write a story — and lonely and frustrating the next —...


The social life of paper

Most of the creative people I know – writers, artists, designers, musicians — are what could be called “pilers” instead of “filers.” I am a piler. My desk has at least 4 distinct piles...


Do you make time to write?

How often does our writing take the back seat to other pressing needs in our lives? Of late, I’ve noticed that I’ve had a bit of a struggle getting to my writing because of...


The Magic of Journaling

  “The habit of writing for my eye only is good practice, It loosens the ligaments.”  ~ Virginia Woolf  Not only does journaling loosen the ligaments, but it also loosens the brain cells, the...