Reverb 10: The power of friendship & family

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  1. Stereo says:

    Patti, how beautiful that you have such a relationship with your parents. I’m glad that your mom read this *waves*

  2. Linda Fraser says:

    Dear Patti,

    I am your mother’s cousin Linda from Toronto. (Stuart’s daughter). Hi. I met you once when you were living in Florida and you came to visit us. I still remember you went down the basement and found the doll carriage that Santa was going to bring me for Christmas. Mom wasn’t happy we discovered it and I have no idea why I still have this memory. I was four when your mother married your father.

    it is wonderful to reconnect with you again. I love this piece you have written but it is really hard for me to read because my husband passed away from cancer in the summer and he liked to write… he also liked walking our dog along the lake Ontario waterfront. His blog had hundreds of followers. We had been married for forty years. He was 67 when he died.

    I am really sorry to hear this news about your dad. Cancer is … you nailed it, “shit”. The whole disease, the treatments…. everything about it. I will say a prayer for Pat. Stay strong Murphys!

    I am touched by how eloquently you have expressed the relationship between you and your father. It is wonderful the two of you can share the craft of journalism together. I love that.

    I am so glad your mother sent me this blog. Thank you Betty and Patti. I would love to keep reading your blog…. my blog is @ google, blogspot. i haven’t written on it much since my husband Barry passed away, I have too much else to do. (busy)

    Stay in touch… I will look for your blogs. They hopefully will inspire me to keep up with my blogging! Have as wonderful a Christmas as you can!!! Give your mom and dad a hug from me. Love, Linda

  3. Patti's Mom says:

    Your Friendship missive made me cry. Not out of sorrow but because I am so deeply touched by your talent to put together words that stir true emotional pride that I have raised such a wonderful daughter. Your message is a wonderful Christmas gift to dad and me. We love you dearly. Mom

  4. What wonderful parents you have. They like engaging, passionate people. I hope they read this. It’s one of the best gifts you can give them.

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