25 things writers should stop doing

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Today as I was jotting down thoughts for a New Year’s blog about some of the things we writers (me especially!) need to stop doing this year, and other things we might start trying to do, DING, DING, DING!, a friend forwarded to me this blog link from terribleminds.com, called “25 things writers should stop doing.” All I can say is Wowser!, this is what I was thinking except he says it in a much more, um, shall we say, persuasive way than I ever could.

“Stop the moping and whining,” “Stop playing it safe,” “Stop trying to control shit you can’t control,” “Stop being afraid.”

So, props to blog author Chuck Wendig for his great ideas. Note: there is profanity in the blog post. I think it gives it a bit of urgency…what do you think?

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